My Story

For many years, I struggled with many issues and habits of thought and action on a daily basis that were wearing and pulling me down, some subtle and some more intense in nature. I suffered from anxiety, depression, secret underlying negativity, being my own worst critic, as well as feeling unfulfilled with what I was doing professionally.

Feeling mostly neutral, at best mildly temporarily positive (something dependent on external factors), was my typical day-to-day feeling. That left me wanting to spend more time on my own, to “relax” or retreat from the outer world, which lead to feeling deeply and chronically worse as my innate human needs weren’t met.

And of course I didn’t like my life! After years and as I was growing older, it suddenly dawned on me that those young years were not coming back nor that they were they lived in their full youthful potential. I decided to sort myself out. I was always interested in philosophy and psychology, reading many books and studying them on my own for years. Being an excellent observer of myself and of others, I decided to “switch to manual mode” and sort myself out with all the tools and the willpower I had. Understanding the benefit of emotional self-discipline, I put it straight to use; being soft when I needed to be soft with myself, and firm when I needed to be firm. It was a balance that was certainly not intuitive at first, but became familiar through observation, acceptance and consistent practice.

And I discovered a whole network of self-sabotage spread as deep as my psyche’s roots: low self-esteem, low self-worth, success and money blockages, extreme self-criticism, no true self-love (no, long baths and wine aren’t it), amongst many other limiting beliefs ie “I am not enough.”

From my medical professional background, I knew that feelings were a product of the mind, something that my psychology and philosophy studies confirmed. So I gradually made my mind my friend and had it work for me, instead of against me. The more I delved into it the more I healed. I found myself though Yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices, and for the first time I had the courage to follow my heart’s desire as a vocation and help guide and support people along their journey to happiness and fulfillment, which is something I always did and loved doing to friends and family.

Along the way, I found and studied neurofeedback, which explained the inner works of the mind scientifically in “brain language”- brainwaves- which concentrated broad concepts into more crystallized terms and understanding. And finally Rapid Transformational Therapy, truly signed off my (rapid) transformation. No other modality has helped me as holistically and effectively and as quickly as RTT. My self-improvement journey changed my life completely, changed the way I felt alive every day, as I came to connect with a deep feeling of peace, love and joy within myself. My own journey empowered me to touch many people’s lives. My mission is to create a collective experience of love, joy, beauty and delight, starting where we should: from within.