What is Self-Wealth?

Are you living in self-wealth?

Are you self-wealthy?

You have heard of self-worth, but what exactly is well self-wealth? It is essentially founded on top of self-worth. It is the quality that emanates out of what comes after we have accepted and fully applied our self-worth.

When you know and you feel that you’re worthy the qualities of thoughts and feelings that you experience or that you choose to nurture and prolong, are the ones that are leading you to more of that worth, more of growing the worth that you already have in yourself. And when you feel self-worthy, you feel light, you feel invincible, you feel rich, you feel unstoppable, you feel inspired, and you also may feel playful. You want to experiment with yourself.

You’re thinking “why not? why not do x, why not do y, why not put myself in the situation, why not go out experience that, why not go travel, why not go for this job, I’m in this job- why not go for another job? why not expand my skills?”.. In other words you understand that you don’t “need” to do stuff, but you feel capable of doing lots of stuff and you feel like exploring, you have curiosity and you have ease with yourself, because you begin from the knowing that you are capable, that you are absolutely worthy and you can do what you want, and that’s exactly what you should.

Now how does it actually feel to be connected with our worth?

All people have something that they have lived in their past or that they’re going through right now, that might be challenging their own sense of self-worth. When you are at a state that you’re actually feeling not deserving, you’re actually affirming to yourself that you do not deserve these things, you do not deserve better friendships, you do not deserve the man or woman of your dreams. You’re affirming that you do not deserve to have more money a better job, and you let yourself be stuck in that space and feeling that you don’t deserve it. You don’t believe that you can actually have it and so that leads to you still staying stuck in exactly the same place that you were before.

Now most of us are actually having moments that we’re getting in and out, in and out, we experience ourselves inside our own worth. Something happens and we come out of feeling safe and well, we come out of our worth. We start doubting ourselves, we start asking questions, we disempower ourselves without noticing, and then we find ourselves retracting. We start not believing in ourselves or we start feeling that maybe we don’t deserve it. We have second thoughts. Perhaps we start questioning and doubting ourselves and we play it safe- which means we don’t play at all. We go into our shell and we just do the minimum thing, or sometimes even nothing. Because we now changed gears and we went back to survival mode. In survival mode, we can’t thrive. We are only staying alive.

Now let’s explore more about those times that we’re actually meeting our worth. We are finding that it’s the most natural thing for us to do what it is that we’re doing, that we choose to do. It’s enjoyable, it’s worthwhile! There is no questioning. We just free flow and we just do it! We feel good along the process. We feel light, we feel easy, we feel connected, we feel here, we feel now, we feel alive! And what do we actually do when we step into that mode? We generate whatever it is that we produce. It might be a work of art, it might be more good feeling thoughts, it might be anything at all. When we step into that feeling of self-worth, we are producing more of what nurtures us.

Think of a day that was really nice for you. That you went outside and it was brilliant, that you just woke up radiant and you were absolutely joyful, you got out and you didn’t even pay attention to “negative” things which in other days might have made you wobbly and unstable. But this time, no. This time you’re happy you’re going for it. You’re really just glowing! You’re unstoppable. Because you feel it and you believe it, you are it. People are actually responding to you in exactly the same way.

What you do and what you make, what you produce which is: the words that you’re going to say to the barista when they’re making you coffee, the thoughts that went through your mind that you didn’t question and you simply shared, feeling absolutely powerful and alive in yourself and 100% authentic, the feeling that you are flowing from one thing to the other understanding what’s worthy of your intention and what’s not, and then later on when you actually went to work and you sat on your desk or you met with that client, whatever thought, whatever feeling, whatever word you uttered, how you did your work, etc.

The more you let yourself feel it, the more you’re enriching yourself with it and elevating yourself. In other words, if we were to quantitatively display that if you are feeling joyful and great and unstoppable and you are here by stepping into that feeling, coming from that feeling, showing up from that feeling and generating from that feeling, you’re expanding it more and more and more. And if you actually continue to do this, you continue to come from your self-worth, to apply yourself in your self-worth out of your self-worth, feeding only the things that are connected with your self-worth, allowing and feeding thoughts and feelings, and making decisions and choices that are aligned with that you create more self wealth.

You create things, feelings, beliefs, you affirm to yourself that you have capabilities that are ever expansive and this is you generating your own personal wealth that the more you’re into, the more you expand just by being in that great state, just by choosing to be the conscious, awake and deliberate creator. Knowing which things, what people, what questions demand responses and need attention and which you’re going to say yes to and which you’re going to say no. The more you keep generating anything at all from this point of self-worth, the more self-wealthy you are.

So when you’re self-wealthy you’re self-dependent outside conditions, people, situations. It is you that decides, it is you that steps into the creation. You and only you. And one of the highlights of being self-wealthy is that what you actually decide and do when you step into this alignment to who you really are, your authenticity and your worth, is that whatever you generate is not an expense to you. In other words, you don’t feel depleted by it. Whatever you do in a day you actually get recharged by, because of your conscious state of being and your conscious aligned creation. You are actually nurturing yourself, nourishing yourself, sustaining yourself. In other words, the products that come out of you when you’re feeling self-worthy, are the things that revitalize you, feed into you and make you grow even more.

You are literally shining like a star, which despite the huge energy that it takes for it to generate all this light it’s sustaining itself because of all the reactions that are taking place to produce that light are actually nurturing it and sustaining it into being.

You know about self-worth now, so how about self-wealth?

Ask yourself how would the world look like and feel like if every one of us chose to see their own self-worth and show up in it every day? What self-wealth and collective wealth would we have as a species and what blessings would we bring to ourselves, to the next generation and to this planet and even universe as a whole?

So be the star that you are. Shine knowing it!

Thank you.