Youth, again

Whatever happened to us?
Who are we now?
Who were we then?
I feel so different now, yet I feel the same as always.

Whatever happened to those starry nights?
I was so keen to stay up until the end of time.
Yet there was no time.
Everything was so still and full, including me.

I’m so glad I found this moment now, here.
And I found myself again, I remembered and brought me back.
Not as a greatly preserved jewel behind glass,
But fully alive, animated in this pure feeling of vastness.

Whatever happened to those nights,
We were hanging out forever with anyone?
Whatever did we talk about?
And there was always so much more to say..

It was just freedom to do, to say, to be.
And it was freedom welcomed and shared by all.
It was so simple.
What were we ever thinking to change that?

Well, we paid for it dearly.
And if you are joining me in this feeling,
You can join me in this decision too-
To bring that back to new life now.

For don’t fret- it isn’t dead or gone.
It was just sleeping.
It awakens with us now,
Fresh and much richer after a long rest.

Give it water now and food,
And watch it take flight along with you.
Those nights are back, and so are those days.
So is this restful fullness.

Thank God you ever asked the question,
                               So you got an answer.
 Thank God you cared to look,
                   And hence you saw.