Why does pain slip away

In the dark chambers of evaporating thoughts?

And how come they are always dark?

In light, pain himself evaporates.

He comes uninvited,

a most unwanted guest

to whom we resist the door with all our might

to try to keep him out

but- what a deception-

he was already in.

And yet ironically,

he feels like an old friend.

That very honest friend you deeply love

and who loves you back, dearly.

The one who lays all the truths 

and you hate him for his honesty.

Sometimes you see much of him,

sometimes not enough.

Sometimes you curse that he’s around,

some others you can’t live without his touch.

Thank God he’s in your life.

He is saving your life.

Saving you from yourself. 

Through the beginning of space and time,

through millenia,

An eternal watchdog, guarding over you

day and night, tirelessly.

You need to know- he thinks-

You need to feel.

You need to understand what was,

what is and what will be.

He knows that you need to have truth first,

before freedom.

He takes you where you wouldn’t dare look 

on your own, 

on the path you secretly want to take to grow up

but you’re afraid.

And all the while, he’s holding your hand, pacifying you, 

supporting you.

Follow him.

He knows the way.

Through dark seas of dullness he’ll guide you, 

through thick cold darkness, 

up on the highest cliffs of intensity,

and the deepest gorges of undesired patience.

You’ll find your way if you go the way.

He torments you if you don’t follow, 

he comforts you if you do.

Pain is always a growing pain. 

As he strikes your body,

gather his coordinates, 

turn your torch of vision inwards, 

and bravely navigate through the ocean of memory.

Stay alert now, stay present.

Follow your map all the way to the treasure.

Gather the book on insight,

then peacefully sail back through the sea of tranquility.

What a journey! What a journey!

But worry not! There will be many more..

Until you arrive.



Youth, again